Good Clean Cut-Out Photography

Diversity has got to be one of the best things about being a photographer. I love working with people but still get a great deal of satisfaction producing still life images and it's nice when there's a bit of a challenge like these lamps for Lumatek.

James Toseland Shoot

Being extremely talented at one thing just isn't enough for some people. Since retiring from the world of super bikes James is now showing his talent as a musician; setting a band up, writing and recording an album with some assistance from Toby Jepson.

James came to our studio earlier this year with Katie Melua, top people and a pleasure to work with. All the best with the new career!

Here are a few of the shots we got.


Movember Portrait Project

If you're sporting some creative facial hair for Movember then you should get involved in this. The venue is the fantastic Red Willow Bar in Macclesfield; a free beer is on offer for anyone taking part.


The New Studio

Well, as usual a huge chunk of time has passed and I've not kept up with the blog. Most of our stuff goes straight onto our facebook page but I will put some of our recent projects up here over the next week. To get things going here are a few shots of the nearly finished new studio. We spent the first few months of the year working hard to get the place ready and then a load of work came in which put further renovations on hold. You get an idea how it's coming along though.

We've moved

We have recently moved out of the lovely Fence House to a bigger studio. Our new address is Unit 3A Pool Street Industrial Estate, Macclesfield, Cheshire. SK11 7NX. We have a fantastic new space which still needs a lot of work but once it's finished we'll be offering a series of workshops and there will be an amazing hire studio on offer!


Furniture Cut-out Photography

It really helps that I absolutely love taking photo's when we get a large batch of the same product delivered to be photographed as cut-outs. It's certainly not the most exciting work but there is a lot of satisfaction in producing a nicely lit image and this is arguably much more critical when photographing a product that is later going to be cut out and dropped on a plain background; there's nothing to detract your attention so it has to look fantastic. Unfortunately a lot of photographers think that cut-outs are easy and therefore don't give them the attention they deserve resulting in badly lit images. Here's a good example of that, we were sent the bottom image as a reference to what had previously been produced by another photographer, hopefully you would agree that both the lighting and composition of our version below is much better.

Virginmarys at Chapel Studios

We spent 24 hours with the Virginmarys at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire while they were recording their debut album. It was fantastic to be invited along and be part of such a major thing. Here are a few of the shots we got.


Student Gym Membership

We recently worked on a new student gym membership campaign with Pure design in Macclesfield. They wanted an energetic feel to the shots so bright colours, a trampoline and some young fit models were required. The shots were used in a variety of places in Manchester and Birmingham. Here are some of them at Sugden Sports Centre and the Aquatics Centre in Manchester.


The Monocle Deli

There's nothing like a last minute deadline to whip you into shape! We were asked by Annie Edwards of The Monocle Deli in Macclesfield to produce some framed photographs for the wall in time for their grand opening in a little less than 2 days time! As we didn't have anything appropriate in our stock library I borrowed a few teacups and teapots and off I went down the Bollin Valley with them. A couple of hours and a lot of strange looks later this is what we produced. Shot, printed and framed in 24 hours!


Red Willow Brewery

I first met Toby doing a series of portraits for the Macclesfield Beer Festival. He was setting the brewery up while still holding down a day job in London. He commissioned us to photograph his range of bottled beers once the labels had been designed and printed. The labels look fantastic and the beer is delicious! You can find out where their beer is available through the website