Student Gym Membership

You may have seen some of our work done in Gyms around the country for Pure Design in Macclesfield. They were asked to produce a flyer for student gym membership and we did the photography. Got some great results considering we were using real students as opposed to models, as you can see from the results they both got into the shoot and showed they have a bit of star quality.

The Fine Bedding Company

It's always nice to do a packaging shoot and see your work on the shelves. We worked with Through Creative in Macclesfield on this job for The Fine Bedding Co.


We were recently commissioned by Vibe to spend a day taking photos of Crewe for a re-generation programme. It started off quite a grey day which to be honest didn't do Crewe any favours but once the sun came out everything looked a bit better. Here are a few of the shots and the front cover of the proposal.